After many years developing in Chinese market, French well-know brand

LuLualways has been welcomed by her high quality and her special style.

For making high quality fashion, LuLualways limits release,choosing

hight quality fabric around the world, hiring designing team of Chanel

to design her own patterns,utilizating draping in design.

LuLualways advocates humanized detail design.By using fine cut and

resewn,combining plane and drapping, with gorgeous fluent line,it

makes LuLualways unique but not without practical applications.

LuLualways' special patterns with their bright color will bring you

to the exotic lands.

LuLualways , an original design brand makes elegantly attired

with pratical aplications,combining Chinese trditional art of

embroidery, western modern fashion and western modern art.

LuLualways helps women to show their special dignity and their modern


When you dont know what to wear, wearing LuLualways is always right!

This is the wearing idea for you from French LuLualways!


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